YACHT deliver one of the summer's essential soundtracks with the release of "See Mystery Lights" on DFA Records in August...

This information is going to be presented in bullet form because YACHT is very committed to efficiency:

In fact, if this presentation could somehow be a PowerPoint presentation YACHT would be absolutely thrilled
YACHT would use as many transition effects possible in one PowerPoint presentation
YACHT’s favourite transition effect is: confetti (without gravity)
The Summer Song was originally recorded as a love letter to tourmates LCD Soundsystem
YACHT is surprised that DFA wanted to release the song (and album!)
YACHT has expanded to an additional full time member: Clare L. Evans
Incidentally, this is DFA’s first “audio handshake” with representatives of Portland, Oregon

YACHT is kind of a band, but mostly it’s a genre-and-media spanning life project founded and led by Jona Bechtolt of Portland, Oregon. Bechtolt (and new member Claire L. Evans) make anthemic OCD power jams, soak them in holy water and rewrite them into new mantras. "See Mystery Lights" contains some of the most ingenious, joyous and outrageously catchy summer pop jams you'll hear in this or any other year... Over the past two years YACHT have played more than 200 shows in 17 countries around the world touring with such luminaries as LCD Soundsystem, Vampire Weekend and Architecture in Helsinki. From lunchtime shows in schools, to stuffy rock clubs, to festivals around the world, to NYC's The Kitchen, to the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, to a commissioned performance at Paris' Pompidou Centre, YACHT will play anywhere to unforgiving assholes and evangelical followers alike. The YACHT performance is expressly designed to provide groups of people with catharsis and purification.

File Under: Mildy-psychedelic danceable 2000s-era grunge music

"YACHT = megaphysical." - Devendra Banhart
"The energy they brought, the aerobic choreography, the propelling beats, and the catchy repetitive mantras were irresistible." - Vanity Fair
"Oh, man, we love this kid." - NME
"After spinning Yacht's new one, I Believe in You. Your Magic Is Real, we are prepared to echo the album title's assessment with respect to the artist himself." - Time Out New York
"Yacht rock has never been better." - Pitchforkmedia


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Andreas Oberschelp
(Europe excl. UK)


08.04.2010 Barcelona (ES), La [2] de Apolo
09.04.2009 Madrid (ES), El Sol
10.04.2009 Porto (PT), Casa Da Musica
12.04.2010 Torino (IT), Spazio 211
13.04.2009 Lyon (FR), La Marquise
14.04.2009 Lille (FR), Festival Paradis Artificiels
15.04.2009 Antwerp (BE), Petrol
16.04.2009 Groningen (NL), Vera
17.04.2010 Hamburg (DE), Indra
18.04.2009 Amsterdam (NL), Paradiso
04.05.2009 Amsterdam (NL), Paradiso - with LCD Soundsystem
05.05.2009 Brussels (BE), Ancienne Belgique - with LCD Soundsystem
06.05.2009 Berlin (DE), Muenze - with LCD Soundsystem
07.05.2009 Luxembourg (LU), Den Atelier - with LCD Soundsystem
08.05.2009 Paris (FR), Bataclan - with LCD Soundsystem
03.07.2010 Muenchen (DE), M94.5 Party @ Feierwerk - with Bobby Birdman
04.07.2010 Nuernberg (DE), K4 - with Bobby Birdman
05.07.2010 Schorndorf (DE), Manufaktur - with Bobby Birdman
06.07.2010 Prague (CZ), Meet Factory - with Bobby Birdman
07.07.2010 Berlin (DE), Magnet Club - with Bobby Birdman
09.07.2010 Hultsfred (SE), Hultsfred Festival
10.07.2010 Liege (BE), Les Ardentes Festival
15.07.2010 Montreux (CH), Montreux Jazz Festival - with Phoenix
16.07.2010 Benicassim (ES), Festival Benicassim
21.08.2010 Trondheim (NO), Pstereo Festival
24.08.2010 Helsinki (FI), Club YK *
26.08.2010 Copenhagen (DK), Loppen *
27.08.2010 Malmo (SE), Babel
28.08.2010 Stockholm (SE), Debaser - with Bobby Birdman